Sonoma County Homeschoolers Nonprofit is an inclusive organization providing support, resources, and networking opportunities to families who educate their children at home. We offer information to anyone interested in homeschooling in Sonoma County.

Support includes:

  • Access to our Private Email/List & Roster
  • Access to Private SCHN Facebook Group
  • Membership Meetings and Events
  • Curriculum Swaps & Sales
  • Informal Mentoring

Events include:

  • Member organized field trips
  • Park days
  • Special workshops and meetings
  • Teen social groups
  • Social events for children and parents

Annual  SCHN Sponsored Events:

  • Annual Swim Party
  • Homeschool Information Night
  • Open Mic 
  • Rebounderz Day
  • Curriculum Swap
  • Trunk-or-Treat
  • Traveling Museums and Science Events
  • Entrepreneurial Fair
  • Science Events

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Sonoma County Homeschool Nonprofit

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home school

home school

Homeschooling styles and philosophies in Sonoma County are rich and diverse, as reflected in our membership. Some members have homeschooled from the start, and others are taking a break from school, planning to return at a later time.

Some of us unschool, others follow a traditional curriculum, while still others create their own special mix of learning. Some file a private school affidavit and create a private school for their own children, others are enrolled in independent study programs or Charter schools with local school districts, which provide varying amounts of support and requirements. Some members have young children, beginning to explore the possibility of learning at home, while others have homeschooled successfully to acceptance at major universities.

The commonality among all members, though, is the desire to support each other, whatever the philosophy, and to create a network of resources, opportunities, mentoring, and information-sharing. We invite you to join us on this journey.